Monday, July 10, 2006

Pass the SALT...

Do you want to know how to solve America's problem with North Korea?

Here it is, right here.


China's Trade Surplus Hit Record in June/July
10 3:06 PM US/Eastern

"China's global trade surplus rose to a record monthly high of $14.5 billion in June, the Commerce Ministry reported Monday, raising the likelihood of more tension over Beijing's currency controls. "

"China's ballooning trade surplus with the United States, which hit a record $202 billion in 2005, has fanned antagonism over the persistent imbalance between the two countries. That figure is bigger than China's global trade gap because China has trade deficits with some nations. "

The biggest problem that the United States has concerning the North Korea Situation is not Nuclear Weapons, not Kim Jong Il, not long range Missiles.

We could deal with all of that, were it not for one specific facet of the situation.

And that is China.

China has been a partner to North Korea ever since before the Korean Conflict. They are the reason that America had to abandon the Police Action there without accomplishing our goal, which was a unified Korean Peninsula.

It was not worth a full scale War with China, and China knew that.

And they still know that neither the U.S., nor China wants a full scale War between us now.

Not YET.

I believe that there will come a time when China may be willing to risk an all-out Military Engagement with the U.S., but they do not believe that they could win such a conflict at this time.

We can possibly stave off that eventuality for a few more years with a show of strength and determination, if we are strong enough and determined enough now, but I do not know if we are.

But China is absolutely addicted to Trade with the U.S.

They sell more stuff here (thank you Wal*Mart) and import more stuff from us than any other Country, and since China is essentially Communist at the bottom, and Capitalist at the top, the Ruling Class can not stand the thought of losing the U.S. as a trading partner.

And don't forget that the Government of China and more specifically the Military/Industrial Complex there, is the main benificiary of their experimentation with the concept of Capitalism.

So, if we were willing to take the steps necessary to bring current the North Korean standoff to a screeching halt, then this is what we need to do:

Tell the Chinese Tomorrow Morning that if they do not tell Kim Jong Il, in no uncertain terms, to knock it off with the threats, the Missile Tests, and the Nuclear Weapons Program, and find a way to behave himself and to get along with his neighbors and with the World, then we will balance the National Budget, pay off the National Debt, and fix our Social Security System over the next three years, all with Tarriffs and Duties on Chinese Goods, going and coming.

Tell them that we will tax exported Automobiles bound for China to the point that only high ranking Governmental Officials will be able to afford a Ford Focus. (They can ALL forget about buying an Expedition...)

Tell them that we will make a Chinese made paper drink umbrella cost Eleven Dollars.

Tell them that we will replace China with Mexico in the U.S./China Trade Partnership, until Mexico will be trying to close their Northern Border because of the influx of Workers crossing Illegally to look for Work.

If we did this, and stuck to it, all of the horsecrap coming from North Korea would dry up within Weeks.

But Big Business would fight that plan tooth and nail, as would the American Consumer.

We are as addicted to Chinese made junk as they are to selling it to us.

So we beg, we plead, we talk tough, and we threaten.

We will waste time with the United Nations, until they eventually agree to some sort of Sanctions on Rice, Fertilizer, and other Food related Items, and condemn thousands of poor North Korean Citizens to death by Starvation by Diplomacy, while the people who caused the problem continue to live in Luxury.

We have become unwilling, as a Nation, to solve Global Problems, no matter how serious or how dangerous these problems are.

So we will continue to put up with the likes of Kim Jong Il, and the whole World becomes more and more convinced that America can be intimidated and toyed with.

While we continue to slice up the carrots for the stew pot in which we will eventually cook.

With a knife made in China.

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