Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Down With Big Brother...

Have you ever read George Orwell's books, "1984", and "Animal Farm"?

I make a point to read each of them about once every couple of years. If you are willing to actually think about what these books contain, you realize that while Orwell's timing may have been off by a few years, he was truly a prophet.

"Animal Farm" is a microcosm of pure Communism and Socialism, and illustrates the final inevitable outcome of embracing these immoral and oppressive systems. (I know that there are differences between these two systems, but the basic premise of both is Social and Economic equality through redistribution of wealth from producers to non-producers by Government intervention, so I tend to lump them together.)

"1984" deals with the loss of personal Freedom and individuality that Socialism run amok creates. The Hero, Winston Smith, is indeed equal with everyone he knows. They are all equally miserable, hopeless, and powerless to improve their lives in any way. To even think of doing so is a crime punishable by not just death, but erasure, as if the person guilty of wanting to improve their lot in life were never there.

There are people in the story who are not destitute and miserable, but they are all in the upper levels of Government.

As I listen to the ongoing struggle in our government between those who would push our society gradually toward this circumstance, and those who resist that push (not nearly strongly enough, in my opinion) I am reminded more and more every day of phrases from this book.




Once again, Orwell is off a little bit, but only slightly, and only in the details.

When I hear the comments uttered by the Leaders of the Modern Democrat Party over the last few months, their words begin to all meld together until all I hear is this:




And when I listen to their supporters, read their blogs, and their comments on the blogs of others, I hear:




In the book, Winston Smith worked in the Ministry of Truth. He revised history, rewriting the newspaper archives so that there was no record of any change of position by the Government on any issue. (Think about that when you hear phrases like "I voted for the 87 billion, before I voted against it," or "WMD's were the only reason that we agreed to go into Iraq," or "I never had sex with that woman Ms. Lewinski,")

The reason that "The Party" had to have people to do this job was that nothing that was broadcast to the people through the Media was true in the first place, and any evidence of contradiction was evidence of the Corruption of the Government. (Think about that when you remember how quickly the Dan Rather "Memogate" story went away, and when you hear the outrage of the Mainstream Media in America at the thought that the U.S. Military may have been planting pro-America stories in Arab Newspapers.)

(I must admit that the thought of the Military planting news stories makes me a little nervous, except that the Mainstream Media ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT report a story that might make the President or the War or America look good, so I'm glad that at least SOME positive news is getting out, by whatever method.)

So while all of you who basically disagree with me on every single important issue are sitting around dreaming about how wonderful life will be when the Federal Government has finally eliminated Economic and Social inequality, and has finally begun to provide Universal Healthcare to everyone free of charge, and eliminated starvation and poverty and has made everything fair, take a little time and read these books.

Do you really want to live like that?

Me neither.

Think about what you are doing.

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