Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Out Of The Box" Christmas...

Have you guys heard about this?

Upside down Christmas Trees?


How much did you spend on YOUR Christmas Tree? I spent about $50.00, (we already had some of the decorations and lights and whatnot...) and I thought that THAT was a ridiculous amount to spend on something I would have to kill a whole saturday putting up, enjoy for about three weeks, and then kill a whole Saturday taking back down.

But the upside down thing got me thinking. I love "out of the Box" ideas, so I thought about hanging mine from the ceiling. Kinda the same idea as those other people were paying $600.00 for, but with a Redneck twist.

But if you know any Rednecks, you understand that "just a little out of the box" just won't do.

So the idea struck me to hang it from the Ceiling Fan.

Made Decorating it a breeze! (Literally!!)

You just sit in your chair with a box of ornaments, put the little hooks on them one at a time, and then toss 'em at the tree. The one in the room who has the most to stay on the tree on the first throw WINS!!

The Garland and the lights, you just start them at the bottom, (the small end,) turn on the fan, and keep feeding the cord and moving up.

Easy as pie, and a lot of fun, as long as you are quick enough to feed the cord as fast as the fan is turning.

But as with almost all Redneck "out of the box" ideas, I encountered a problem.

I can't figure out how to keep the extention cord for the lights from winding itself around the fan, and unplugging the lights.

And the tree keeps slinging ornaments off at random, occaisionally hitting someone in the head.

(Ow! Dag Nabbit...Honey!?!, Will you turn the fan off until I finish my post?!...Thanks, Baby!!...)

(I love remote control...)

Anyway, I think I am going to put it back down on the floor, right side up.

And just glue all the presents to the ceiling.

Just so you know...Everybody that We are buying presents for this year is getting really light stuff from us...and if you aren't tall enough to reach it, We are keeping it.

Merry Christmas, everybody!!

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