Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Real American Heroes...

I have come to the realization that I have been wrong about Howard Dean and John F. Kerry.

These may be two of the finest, most brilliant, most patriotic men this country has ever seen.

I missed it all last year during the Presidential Campaign, which surprises me a little. I usually pick up on things like this.

But it is crystal clear now, and with every soundbite, every new quote, every new interview, it becomes even clearer.

These two men may, all by themselves, save America from the Democrat Party.

John F. Kerry was THE standard bearer for the Democrats during the last Election cycle. The very best they had to offer. A shining example of what Democrats are.

Howard Dean is the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee. The head fundraiser and spokesman for all things Democrat.

Who could have ever guessed that they both are Republican operatives.

How they gained their lofty positions within the Democrat Party is anyone's guess, but over the next few months, if they continue their present respective courses, they may prove to be the two most effective campaigners the Republican Party has ever had. Maybe even more effective than Michael Moore.

And the strategy is brilliant.

Over the weekend, Kerry, on behalf of all Democrats, accused the U.S. Military of committing acts of Terrorism against Iraqi women and children, and "kids" (baby goats?) and Dean announced that our soldiers were incapable of winning wars. (But they support the troops...)

Yesterday Kerry called Rush Limbaugh a "Doughnut-Eating Draft Dodger" for the crime of playing a tape of Kerry's weekend comments.

Tommorrow he plans to call the President a "Poopy-Head", and then hold his breath until we bring the troops home, or until he turns blue and passes out, whichever comes first. (Or until someone gives him candy.)

This is a strategy worthy of the Evil Genius, Karl Rove.

Get two of the most recognizable democrats in America to go on television at every opportunity, and make the Democrat position so indefensible that no one in their right mind, (if they truly love their Country) could in good conscience vote for Democrats anymore.


So I say three cheers for these two great Americans, along with their accomplices John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi, and may they be successful in their efforts.

May History remember them as Heroes.

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