Saturday, December 17, 2005

Republicans, Lets Rock!!

Turn up your speakers.

You should be hearing a song by a band called "The Right Brothers," called "Bush Was Right."

The song is going to be used in an Ad sponsored by on the Fox Network. Click the link to view the Ad.

I love it. It is a happy, celebratory list of all the things that The President and Conservatives have been right about, set to music.

And we have reason to celebrate. In spite of a constant barrage of opposition and negativity from the Party of Losers, we are winning.

The Economy is booming, Unemployment is at an historic low, Inflation is low, The elections in Iraq have been successful and thanks to President Bush and his commitment to spreading Freedom and Self Governance to the people of the Middle East, Iraqis are well on their way to Independance, and our Troops can soon begin to come home as victorious Heroes.

So turn it up, and enjoy.

I would ask that if you like the song, or if you are a proud Republican who has 99 cents, go here, and buy it.

I have been a member of a struggling band, so I encourage everyone to support up-and-coming musicians, and I don't think that these guys are going to get much support from the Music Industry.

BUSH WAS RIGHT!! (Tug Bangs Head...)


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