Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't Take My Word For It...


(I wanted a credible news source for this one...)

The Dan Rather Era Is Over
Thursday, June 15, 2006
By Neil Cavuto

There was a time when he was "all that."

So big, so quoted, so "it," that it seems hard to believe he has now become a "so what?"

Dan Rather era is over. Reports are that he's leaving CBS, not with the bang by which he came in, but with barely so much as a kind whisper on the way out.
CBS executives are apparently not interested in extending his contract.

Not for reporting. Not for commenting. Not for anything.

So Long, Sucker.

I wish him nothing but a long and happy retirement, making up stories for his Grandchildren. Far away from the hassle of public life.

We have heard enough of his made up stories.

I guess, in a way, Republicans owe Dan Rather a profound debt of gratitude. He provided an unquestionable example of the Left Leaning nature of Main Stream Media at a time when a demonstrable example of that was sorely needed.

The case could be made that George W. Bush owes his second term as President to Rather.

We appreciate it.

The "Rathergate" incident marked a turning of the tide, of sorts. It caused a lot of people to realize that the News Media would indeed lie to them, if it advanced their political agenda.

So, ironically, the Legacy of Dan Rather, once the most trusted man in America, is this:

Question everything you hear. The people that you trust will lie to you if it serves their purposes. Do your own research.

I hope we have all learned this lesson well.

The more informed we are, the longer we will remain a Free People.

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