Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who Cares?

For some reason I can't seem to Blog anymore.

I sit down at the computer, go to the "Create New Post" screen, and stare at it.

I minimize the window, go to Drudge, NewsMax, the NYT, Rush's website, Hannity, Boortz, the Onion, Mark's Blog, ER's Blog, Lone Ranger's Blog, and Ebay.


I'm not fired up enough about anything to put an opinion into words.

I just do not care.

Illegal Immigration? I know that nothing good will be done on that issue by the self serving political Hacks in Washington, so my getting upset about it serves no purpose.

The Defense of Marriage Act? The Hacks are going to pretty much call each other names, pull every proceedural trick in the sizable book to trip one another up, sling mud, try to enrage their respective bases, and then vote right down Party Lines, all except for just barely enough Republicans siding with the Democrats to keep a Constitutional Amendment from happening.

I, personally do not care one way or the other whether Gay people get married. Do it. Don't do it. Don't do it and say you did.

Just keep it to yourself. Leave me out of it.

I don't care.

Bush's approval numbers are up? Who cares? I didn't believe them when they were low, and I don't believe them now.

Ann Coulter's new book? I love her. Some of you hate her. We are not going to change each other's minds.

Religion? Jesus is the Son of God. He was/is neither Liberal nor Conservative. I will not attempt to hijack Him and use His Message for my own purposes, and if you choose to do so, then in the end, you will answer to Him, not me.

Gas Prices? They are falling, slowly. They are still too high. My crying about it will not change anything.

Iran? Still being run by Maniacs. Still a ticking Time Bomb. Still 10,000 miles away. Israel will deal with them when the time comes. The time has not yet come.

Haditha? The Report is not yet out. Neither I, nor anyone else knows for sure what happened there. The Marines involved are due their Constitutional Rights to Due Process. If they are Guilty, then they will be punished, and it still is not as bad as the attrocities that would have been committed against Iraqi Citizens by Saddam Hussein had he been allowed to remain in power.

To those of you who oppose the War effort, I hope that this incident makes you happy. History will ultimately prove that you have been wrong.

But you will not listen to me about it. Feel free to continue in your self- righteous ignorance.

I don't care what you think either.

I guess I could write about the things that happen around the house...I watched Television, I played with the Dog, I talked to the Wife, I went to work, I came back home.

You guys don't care about that stuff either.

Maybe Tommorrow I will find a subject that makes me angry enough to write about.

Tonight it all seems pointless.

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