Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Good To Be On The Right Side...

The past few days have been a good days to be a Conservative Republican.

But then again, every day is a good day for that.

Our Military has finally demonstrated that no matter how brutal and bloodthirsty Terrorists may be, they still have not mastered the art of playing catch with 500lb cans of American Whoop-Ass against the U.S. Air force.

The EEE-VIL Genius Karl Rove, despite overwhelming, undiscovered evidence of his depravity and corruption, has once again escaped the clutches of the Judicial System, and will remain free to engineer the defeat of even more Democrats in the upcoming Elections.

Denny Hastert announced on Monday that no matter how loud the Senate may scream over the decision to do so, the House is actually planning to READ the 500 page Unconstitutional Immigration Bill that the Senate sent them a few weeks ago before they vote to send it to the President to (hopefully) be Vetoed.

The Grocery Bill at The Guantanimo Bay Murderous Bloodthirsty Enemy Combatant Detainment and Interogation Facility has decreased slightly, and there are now enough newly vacated cells there for at least three more Terrorists.

Ann Coulter is on a Book Tour, and has demonstrated without question that the deeper you stab a Jack Ass, the louder it brays. She is #1 on both the Amazon Best Seller list, and the NYT list, as well as several Liberal hit lists, and the Daily KOS Sh... Well, they have her on a list as well.

Which is fine with her. When your opponents absolutely hate your ever-lovin' guts, that means that you are effective.

John Kerry and Jack Murtha have been reduced to pleading for President Bush to bring home the Troops before they mess around and win the War, apparently hoping to relive the Glory Days of the 2000, and 2004 Elections.

The Democrat National Committee has announced that in order to take back America from it's rightful owners (Republicans who BELIEVE in America), they have decided to take the Democrat Party in a "new direction." They are going to turn Left.

Al Gore's new Science Fiction Movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" has finally drummed up enough attention for the myth of Capitalist Induced Global Warming that the Scientific Community are starting to come out and shoot that fairy tale down.

This is common sense. If Global Warming is caused by Human Beings, then why is it happening on Mars?

Oh, that's right. We sent two SUV's up there.

The President demonstrated that he will come to your house if he wants to, and demonstrated it to none other than the Prime Minister of the Newly Formed Government of Iraq. He also proved that he does not have to submit his Itenerary to the Press so that his whereabouts can be published to the Enemy during a time of War.

The President these past few days has demonstrated something that the Democrats absolutely do not understand.


Honest, decisive, straightforward, confident, unapologetic Leadership. The type of Leadership that the President of the Greatest, most prosperous, most powerful Nation in the History of the Human Race should display.

This is a very good thing.

Watch his Poll Numbers rise over the next few weeks. (If you can find any reports of the President's Poll Numbers. When they rise high enough, The Press will stop reporting them.)

These are ALL very good things. And not just good for Republicans.

Good for AMERICA.

So now, since I am a Compassionate Conservative, I am faced with somewhat of a dilemma. A Crisis of Conscience, so to speak.

Is it right to make fun of Democrats when they are struggling?

Beats me.

Sure is fun, though...

Oh, and Happy Flag Day!

(That means Salute it, not Burn it.)

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