Monday, June 12, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Hey! We got one!

After only three years, and the deaths of only 2,500 or so American Troops, we finally killed a Terrorist!

John Kerry and John Murtha wasted absolutely no time in finding microphones and cameras in order to proclaim that now that we have killed Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, now we can begin to bring the Troops home.

Mission accomplished!

(They were careful not to use that phrase, however... They do not want anyone to beat them over the head with it the way that they did the President over the Banner on that Air Craft Carrier that the President obviously stayed up all night working on...)

I do not know what to think about all of this.

Some in the Media have told me that Al Zarqawi was not really an important figure, and that his death means very little. Some others have told me that he has now become a Martyr, and that the very mention of his name will now be enough to inspire hundreds of thousands of new Terrorists and Insurgents, ( so they make a point of mentioning his name at every opportunity.)

Still others seem to want me to believe that American Troops simply wanted to kill the child who was in the house with Al Zarqawi, and that he was just a collateral casualty. The American Troops were glad to get him however, (according to these people,) because it gave them the opportunity to snatch him off his stretcher and beat him to death while hundreds of witnesses looked on, for the simple enjoyment of watching the blood squirt out of his nose.

(If this is your view of what happened, or if you believe that any part of this happened, then I do not want to hear from you. If you have video of American Troops sawing off his head while he was still alive, or setting his body on fire and dragging it behind a HumVee through the streets of Bahgdad, then we'll talk.)

Enough about Al Zarqawi. He was a bloodthirsty monster, for whatever reason, and he has been rendered incapable of taking any more human life.


As far as his death being a reason for bringing the Troops home, the mission has not yet been accomplished.

If you are sitting around waiting for an announcement from the Government that we will soon begin to stage a large scale Troop withdrawal from Iraq, you are wasting your time.

There will never be a large scale Troop withdrawal.


That opportunity for Political Grandstanding will be forever denied.

When the job is done there, and it is time for the Troops to come home, they will be slowly rotated home, and not replaced, until over the course of time there will only be enough Troops there to maintain whatever Military Bases are necessary in Iraq to protect U.S. interests in that area of the World.

America will forever more have Troops stationed in Iraq.

Get used to it.

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