Sunday, June 18, 2006

Response To The Anti-War Patriot...

A commentor over at Mike's America asked the following question:

"How is being anti-war a sign that a person is anti-American? Why a person living in the great democracy such as yours can not be a patriot unless he/she believes in your brand of politics?"

Here is my reply.

"Being Anti-War in itself does not make a person Anti American. No one enjoys War for the sake of War. (Not even Republicans.) But when War becomes necessary, it is necessary.

The more forcefully and decisively it is engaged when it is necessary, the sooner it is over, and the longer it will take for another enemy of America to attempt to engage us in another one. The more effective a threat of war will be at the negotiating table during future contests of Ideology and Policy with Governments who do have America's best interests in mind.

A person living in our great democracy has every right to oppose War as a concept. The right to peaceful dissent is one of our cornerstone Freedoms.

But the vast majority of the Anti-War crowd who are active in America at this particular time are in reality "Anti-Bush". They use an "Anti-War" stance as a tool with which to undermine the Elected Leaders of our country and their policies, and to obstruct progress and depress public opinion about any progress that has been made during the War, all of this in order to attempt to regain Political Power for Democrats.

That is Un-American.

These people waste no opportunity to portray America as a force of evil in the world which goes around attacking Nations which have done nothing wrong simply because those Nations may have Oil.

These people constantly assert that American Troops massacre innocent people and torture prisoners of war, announce to the World that our fighting forces are under equipped, under manned, and unable to win an armed conflict against an enemy who basically fights using sticks and rocks.

That undermines the credibility of our Nation around the World and emboldens enemies who, because of this type of rehtoric, begin to believe that they, too, might be able to win a war against America.

This leads to future attacks against American interests and American Citizens, and more War.

That is Anti-American.

These people constantly call for America to effectively surrender, and pull the Troops out, knowing that when America did this before (in Viet-nam,) it led to the slaughter of millions of innocent people at the hands of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, and provided our enemies with an example of how to beat America in Armed conflict. (An example that the current Anti-Bush crowd is following to a T during this War.)

That is Un-American.

I want to stress again the point that the Anti-War people in America are doing all of these things in order to regain Political Power at whatever cost. If Democrats regain their power, and America recieves a Black Eye as a Nation because of their tactics, then that is acceptable Collateral Damage in their opinion.

That is Anti-American.

Anyone is free to oppose War. But once we become entangled in a War, the only option is to WIN the War, and then apologize, restore the victims, rebuild the destruction, and repair the damage on our own terms afterward.

Pushing for American Surrender, Defeat, and International Embarrassment is Anti-American and Un-Patriotic."

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