Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

I haven't recieved a single Father's Day Gift.

No card, no power tools, no gaudy neck tie, no nothing.

Maybe it is because my children do not appreciate everything I do for them. Maybe they forgot that Father's Day was coming up. Maybe they didn't have any money.

Or maybe they find that it is extremely hard for them to shop for me, because they haven't been born yet. (I can see how not existing yet could seriously hamper your ability to accomplish your goals.)

But that does not mean that I have done nothing for them.

I married their future Mother, so that they will have a stable, two parent household in which to grow and develop.

I work a job, so that when they do arrive, I will be able to provide for them.

I try to stay healthy, so that when they are older, I will be around for them to borrow money from.

I worship God, so that when they are old enough, I can introduce them to Him, and so that I will be qualified to guide them on their voyage of discovery of right and wrong.

And last but certainly not least, I remember and understand the value of the lessons my own father taught me, and the wonderful example that he set for me, and continues to set for everyone around him.

My father is a Southern Baptist Minister. He pastors a small church in Brunswick NC.

He has lived his whole life in faithful, unwaivering pursuit of the Will of God. Nothing was ever more important to him than being in God's Will in all things, and while he was not always perfect, he got a lot closer than most people do.

I was never worried about whether my parents would do the right thing for our family. I was never subjected to the uncertainty and confusion children are forced to face because of their parents' marital instability, or their parents' irresponsible decisions or lifestyle choices.

My parents both believed that they were guided by a higher power, and they actively sought that guidance and leadership.

My father was, and still is the most capable man that I have ever encountered. My whole life, I have watched him do whatever came along that had to be done.

He raised a beautiful garden every year, and we ate what it produced. He repaired his own cars when they broke down, built lawn mowers from scratch and used them for years, and built the house that he and my mother live in now.

He taught me by example that I have just as many fingers and toes as anyone else does, and if they can do something, I can do it too.

He is very active in the Baptist Men's Disaster relief program, and automatically assumes a position of leadership in any situation in which he finds himself. The people around him automatically look to him to organize activities, partly because he carries himself with an attitude of authority, and partly because he has proven himself repeatedly to be a capable and decisive leader.

He taught me from an early age that there are always going to be emergencies and disasters, and when they occur, it is better to be one of the helpers than one of the helpless.

He taught me to depend on myself first, ask for help if I need it, and provide assistance when I can. He taught me never to sit around and wait to be rescued, no matter what my situation might be.

My father raised his children to be productive, responsible adults, and I believe that we all turned out pretty well.

I only hope that I can do as well when my own children arrive.

That would be the greatest tribute that I could ever offer my father.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

I love you.

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