Friday, September 29, 2006

Uh-Oh...Time for me to stop Blogging...

Heretic Moonbat has removed me from his Blog Roll.

I removed him from mine months ago.

According to him, we have reached a position of mutual disrespect, and I have apparently "gone completely off the deep end."

Well if I have, then he and I should certainly be seeing a lot more of each other from now on.

I used to consider him a friend, and I checked his Blog first every day. Back when I started Blogging, he posted about the events of the day from a position of slightly Left- Leaning common sense. I did not agree with everything he said, but I could at least see his point of view, and he would acknowledge mine, and we approached it all with an attitude of mutual respect and friendship.

But no more.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina came ashore, ER decided to launch an all-out attack on everything Right Wing, and that included me.

About this same time, he began to attend one of the "churches" mentioned in Matthew 7:16, and he and I reached an impasse about the immutability of God, and the basic teachings of Jesus.

When I got tired of being preached to at every turn about why Jesus disagreed with my every opinion, I decided to ignore him.

And for the most part, I have. I will occasionally argue with him when he is being especially dense on other Blogs, but I have not visited his site in a very long time.

But the day before Yesterday, I decided to click over there, and to my surprise, I found that he had chosen to link to my post about the Clinton Death List.

Now, I have argued with this man about God, Jesus, the Meaning of Life, the Role of the Supreme Court in modern Society. We have had detailed and informative discussions about the ACLU, the United Nations, sex, drugs, and Rock-n-roll. We have talked about our dogs, cats, wives and girlfriends.

We have E-mailed prayer requests to each other.

But the one attack for which he could not forgive me was an attack against Bill Clinton.

That is the one Sacred Cow that he absolutely COULD NOT ABIDE anyone attacking. (Especially me.)

Goodbye, my former friend. I will miss (and have missed) your well informed and eloquently stated opinions and observations.

I am sorry that your hatred for the President and for me and those who agree with me on Political Issues has so overtaken you that you can no longer stand to see the name of my Blog on your sidebar.

I sincerely hope that we both have enough of it right that we will see each other again when none of this matters, and all of our questions have been answered.

I continue to pray for you.

I would ask you to do the same for me.


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