Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Educational Opportunities...

Hey, guess what?

Mark Foley is Gay!

Really, he said so! Today! I heard him!

So far, we have learned over the past week that Mark Foley sent E-Mails to a 16 year old former Congressional page. Then we learned that he sent Instant Messages, some of which were suggestive in nature.

Then we learned that Republicans resign from their positions when they become entangled in scandals like this one.

Since then, we have learned that Foley is an Alcoholic, that he was abused by a Clergyman when he was a teenager, and now that he is Gay.

And today, I learned that this whole thing is Denny Hastert's fault, and that ALL Republicans should resign because... why?

Because Foley is Gay? Because he likes Teen Boys? Because he knows how to send E-mails and Instant Messages over the internet? Because Republicans in Florida unwittingly elected an Alcoholic Gay Molestation Victim to represent them, and Hastert did nothing about it?

Just what exactly are we supposed to think here, Libs?

Does anyone but me realize that if one of our Supreme Court Justices, nominated by Bill (You better put some ice on that...) Clinton had had her way, the age of sexual consent would have been dropped to TWELVE, and none of Foley's actions would have been illegal?

We have learned a lot.

But what we will learn between now and the Election will be the interesting stuff. Be sure to pay close attention, so you won't miss any of it.

For example:

If we pay attention over the next few days and weeks, we will learn whether the Libs hate Republicans more than they respect the rights of Gays.

We will learn whether or not the ACLU will come to the defense of a Republican Congressman accused of some of the same offenses that they have already defended.

We will learn whether or not the American Public are so gullible and shallow that they will vote away their National Security and growing Economy because they would rather embrace Homophobia, and Tabloid Journalism than make hard choices about real issues which will affect their everyday lives for decades to come.

These are the important lessons of these next few weeks.

Study hard. There will be a test.

A tough one.

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