Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Republicans Suck!

From ABC news...

New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote
October 03, 2006 1:22 PM

Former Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) interrupted a vote on the floor of the House in 2003 to engage in Internet sex with a high school student who had served as a congressional page, according to new Internet instant messages provided to ABC News by former pages.

ABC News now has obtained 52 separate instant message exchanges, which former pages say were sent by Foley, using the screen name Maf54, to two different boys under the age of 18.

This message was dated April 2003, at approximately 7 p.m., according to the message time stamp.

If you really are interested in reading the Instant Messages, they are included in the article. Just follow the link.

I personally don't care.

First of all, let me state for the record that I do not in any way approve of Mark Foley's actions in this matter, nor do I have any patience with anyone, on either side of the aisle, who may have known about this situation, and either covered it up in order to avoid political embarrasment for themselves, or their party, or who may have known about it and sat on the information for a strategic release to spoil the upcoming elections.

Foley is at least a Homosexual, and at worst a Pedophile. In both cases, we have heard, ad-nauseum, from the same people who are now condemning Foley, that both Homosexuality and Pedophilia are conditions over which the (victim? perpetrator? sufferer?) person... has no control. Either he is predisposed toward his sexual orientation and can do nothing about his behaviour, or he is sick, and needs help to overcome his problem, and to know which, we would need to know whether he thought of this page as a child, or just a hot young Gay guy.

I don't care about Foley. He resigned. He doesn't matter anymore.

My anger is now turned full force against those who have attempted, and are now attempting to use this load of Hogwash for Political Advantage.

To any Democrat who may happen to read this:

If you were to offer me proof that EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE was a racist Homosexual pedophile pornographer who had slept over at Jack Abramoff's house, and stolen Girl Scout Cookies from blind Cancer patients and that they all eat live, cute little puppies for breakfast every day...

That still is not going to cause me to forget that I believe that Tax Cuts stimulate the Economy, and that the War in Iraq and the War on Terror MUST be won, however long it takes and no matter how difficult it may be.

It will not make me forget that I believe that Big Businesses like Wal Mart have a right to do business in America using whatever business model they find to be profitable, and that the people who work for these businesses have a right not to work there if they find the arrangement to be unprofitable to them, whatever that arrangement may be.

It will not make me believe that a Bloated Government knows better how to spend the money that I earn than I do.

It will not cause me to forget that I believe that "The Rich" should have the exact same rights that "The Poor" have.

It will not make me believe that I should have to pay for YOUR Healthcare.

It would never cause me to vote for any candidate who has the wholesale murder, in utero, of innocent unborn babies as a plank in his or her campaign platform.

It would not make me forget what the Democrats would do to this Country, if given any real power.

It will not make me want to vote for a Democrat.

As a matter of fact, if you were to prove to me that House and Senate Republicans, to a man, are the very scum of the Earth, I would chalk it up to the "Inside The Beltway" culture, and contend that the Democrats are, to a man, just as bad.

They are all politicians, after all, and if you are planning to wait around for one of those without any skeletons in their closet, it's going to be a long wait.

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