Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Get Out The Vote!

From News Busters...

NY Times on Republican Extinction Week Again

The (Liberal Blog known as the) New York Times is doing its best to convince Republicans that they should stay home on Election Day, because after all, “With four weeks left before Election Day, the poll indicates that the scandal involving Mr. Foley, a former Republican congressman from Florida, is alienating Americans from Congress, and weakening a Republican Party that was already struggling to keep control of the House and Senate.”

The (Liberal Blog known as the) New York Times comes to this conclusion based on the recently released NY Times (Blog) – CBS opinion poll despite the fact that that two-thirds in the poll said the Foley matter will make “no difference” in how they vote (as reported by Brent Baker earlier).

A quick read of the NY Times release of the poll indicates that the poll itself is actually a referendum on Republicans and George Bush rather than an evenly spaced set of questions that are meant to determine how Americans think of the Democrats as well.

For instance, on the questions concerning the Mark Foley scandal not one of them asks what the Democrats knew ahead of time or how Democrats handled the scandal.

Yet questions 53, 54, 55, 88, 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 are all about the way the House leadership handled the scandal.

The implication in this set of questioning is along the same lines as the week long theme in the MSM that has been intent on making the Republican leadership the focus of the Mark Foley scandal rather than Mr. Foley himself.

In other words, Democrats and the Liberal Blog known as the New York Times hope that a large number of Republicans stay home on Election Day because of the Foley Scandal, among other issues.

They seek to depress Republican turnout at the Polls.

This means that the Democrats and their Blog would rather win by default than to actually have a mandate to Govern, and are willing to disenfranchise Republican Voters through exagerated Scandals and misrepresentation of the Truth in order to regain their power.

Don't fall for it.

Election day is November 7th. (If you are a Republican. Election Day for Democrat Voters is November 8th.)

Do not let the Lies and misrepresentations of the Democrats and thier Blogs in the MSM rob you of your voice.

Do not throw in the towel because of the propaganda of the Liberal Press.

Go out on November 7th and make your opinions known.

(Unless you are a Democrat. If you are, then November 8th is your day.)

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