Monday, October 09, 2006

Katie's Slip Is Showing...


NEW YORK - The fifth week was the toughest for Katie Couric, whose viewership on the "CBS Evening News" has dropped each week since her debut the day after Labor Day.

Her broadcast averaged 7.04 million viewers last week, third to NBC's "Nightly News" (8.56 million) and ABC's "World News" (7.97 million), according to Nielsen Media Research.

CBS points out that the "CBS Evening News" is the only one of the three network newscasts with more viewers last week than the same week a year earlier.

NBC's margin of victory last year was 2.2 million.

The first week, she, and the bigwigs at CBS News thought that just her pretty smile would cause viewers to tune in and stay tuned.

They all soon realized that it would not take very long for people to know what she looked like.

Then she thought that she could attract and hold viewers simply by doing the last segment every night lounging on top of the news desk like some singer in a seedy Piano Bar, but evidently it isn't working.

Starting next week, she is planning to pull her dress up and hold it over her head for thirty seconds somewhere during each News Cast.

I think it will work...

Thank God that Dan Rather never thought of it...

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