Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sydney's Football Picks

My wife and I have become involved in Football Pools where we both work.

With rare exception, her picks and mine are pretty much the same, so when one of us loses, we both lose.

So last week, I decided to let our dog, Sydney, try his luck at picking NFL Football winners.

The system goes like this.

I take two paper plates. I put equal amounts of Macaroni and cheese on each one, and write a team name on each plate while she entertains Sydney in the back bedroom.

I put the two plates down side by side, and she releases the dog.

Whichever plate he goes to first is his pick.

Last week, he went 1 and 13.

His picks for this week are:

Buffalo over Detroit

Carolina over Baltimore

Tampa Bay over Cincinnati

Houston over Dallas

Atlanta over the NY Giants

Philadelphia over New Orleans

Seattle over St Louis

Tennessee over Washington

Pittsburgh over Kansas City

Miami over the NY Jets

San Diego over San Francisco

Oakland over Denver

And for the Monday Night game, he picked Arizona to beat Chicago.

Take this for what it is worth. He is a dog, after all, and his understanding of Football is questionable at best.

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