Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Double Standard...

From Rasmussenreports.com...

Supreme Court Nomination: 58% Say Senate Dems Should Confirm Qualified Conservative

July 11, 2005--If President Bush nominates a qualified conservative to serve on the Supreme Court, 58% of Likely Voters say that Senate Democrats should vote to confirm that nominee.
A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 24% believe that Harry Reid's party should oppose such a nominee.
Republicans and unaffiliated voters strongly support confirmation. Democrats are evenly divided--43% say their Senators should vote to confirm while 38% take the opposite view.
The divide among Democrats is strictly along ideological lines--58% of liberal Democrats want their party to oppose confirmation of a qualified conservative. 56% of moderate and conservative Democrats take the opposite view.

There it is, Dems, in black and white. (You guys are the ones who love to govern by opinion polls...)

The American People have spoken. They want the Democrats to vote to confirm Judge Sam Alito.

This puts Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden solidly outside the mainstream of American opinion.

And this is not a new poll. They had to have seen it before the Roberts confirmation hearings.

What this says to me is that opposing President Bush and anything that he tries to do is more important to Senate Democrats than absolutely anything else.

Even the will of the American People.

But then again, they have never expressed much faith in the American People anyway. They do not believe that we have sense enough to manage our own money (opposition to privatization of Socialist Security accounts, "Tax Cuts for the Rich", the push for Nationalized Healthcare even though Health insurance is readily available to anyone who is willing to make it a priority or willing to demand it as a condition of employment,) they do not believe that we have sense enough to read our own Constitution or to elect our own leaders.

They do not believe that we have sense enough to manage our own lives.

Well, we do.

I voted for President Bush PRECISELY because I wanted a Conservative Republican to nominate the next few Supreme Court Justices.

And the Democrats supported Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and if she is not too far to the left, then President Bush should be able to nominate William F. Buckley if he wants to, and he should be confirmed.

Without a fuss.

That is, if the Democrats were consistent.

But with each blustering speech, with each unreasonable protest of the President's Nominees, with every word that issues from Ted Kennedy's mouth, the double standard becomes ever more evident.

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