Monday, January 23, 2006

No More Injustice...

From Fox News...

Fla. Man Cleared by DNA Released After 24 Years in Prison
Monday, January 23, 2006

TAMPA, Fla. — Alan Crotzer stepped into the warm sunlight outside the courthouse Monday and raised his arms to the sky, celebrating his freedom after more than 24 years behind bars for crimes he didn't commit.

A judge freed the 45-year-old Crotzer after DNA testing and other evidence convinced prosecutors he was not involved in the 1981 armed robbery and rapes that led to his 130-year prison sentence.

An innocent man who was wrongly imprisoned for 24 years for a crime that he didn't commit was released today because DNA evidence proved that he was not the purpetrator of the crime for which he was accused.

Crotzer said he was looking forward to a barbecue with his family, who promised him his favorites — pork chops and banana pudding. Then, he said, he wanted to "take a bath in a real bathtub."

While I am extremely happy that this man has been released after being wrongly imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit, I cannot help but be appalled that this happened to this poor innocent man in the first place.

There is absolutely no way that society can repay this man for what has happened to him. We cannot give him back the 24 years that he has lost because of a mistake made by our Justice System.

No amount of money will ever make him whole again.

I believe that because of this case, we should propose a moratorium on all prison sentences for every convicted criminal everywhere in America, until such time as we can be assured that our Justice system is perfect, and we can be sure that we never inflict this type of injustice upon anyone else, ever again.

No innocent man should be unjustly punished, no matter what the cost. Right?

Even if it means releasing every convicted criminal in America until we can make sure that no innocent man is ever punished for a crime that he did not commit, Right?

That sounds kinda stupid, doesn't it?

It's the same argument that the Anti-Death Penalty crowd uses...

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