Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tug's Proclamation To Humanity.

I Tugboatcapn, as a citizen of The United States Of America, a circumstance in which I, myself had no part, but rather consider it to be a blessing from Almighty God, and as a citizen of The World, as all human beings are, do hereby offer this proclaimation to Humanity.

I will acknowledge the existence and Divine leadership of Almighty God, and do hereby pledge to follow His leadership, as laid out for His people in His Word, The Holy Bible, and His personal instruction, as I recieve it through prayer, and the respectful study of His Holy Word. I believe, because of personal experience regarding the improvement of my own life and level of general happiness through adherance to the dictates set forth in The Holy Bible, that this is the first and most important thing that I can do for my fellow man, and for humanity in general.

I will never, through my own actions or inactions, become a burden in any way to any other human being or to society in general, and will depend only upon myself for my basic survival, happiness, and general well-being, to the absolute best of my ability. I will provide for myself and my family MYSELF, by whatever means necessary (within the law), and will strive at all times toward complete self-sufficiency, to the level that it is possible in our society.

I will promise to, however I am able, help the disadvantaged to become equally self-sufficient, to the level that they are capable, and to assist them in all ways practical to overcome the disadvantages to which they are subject, be it through education, motivation, or example.

I will protect and preserve our natural environment inasmuch as I am able without encroaching upon the Freedoms of others, and will protect all living things (holding life to be a creation of Almighty God, and therefore sacred), will give the benefit of doubt to life where doubt may exist, and will strive to be a good steward of one of the most precious gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator, our planet. I will not recklessly pollute, abuse, or disrespect this gift, and will use it wisely.

I will, by any and all means at my disposal, defend the defensless, help the helpless, and attempt to spread hope to the hopeless, wherever they may be, as is my duty as a citizen of The United States Of America, having been blessed as such by Almighty God with opportunities and advantages currently unavailable to people who were born into adversity through no fault of their own.

I will, through my vote and through my financial contributions, uphold and preserve the Freedoms enumerated in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers, and will oppose, by all means at my disposal, all those who would undermine, subvert, and repeal those Freedoms, as is my duty as a citizen of The United States Of America.

I will, through my vote and my financial contributions, support the spread of Freedom, Independence and Justice to any and all areas of the world where it is lacking, as is my duty as a citizen of The World, and a believer in the Human Spirit.

I will uphold and obey the laws set forth by my community and by Society in general, and will do my best to see that the guilty are punished and the unjustly accused are fully exhonorated and restored, as is my duty as a citizen, and if I disagree with these laws, I will work to change them through the mechanisms set forth by our Constitution, and by no other method, lest our society descend into anarchy.

I will respect myself, my fellow man, my surroundings, and my society, and will expect the same level of respect to be extended to me and my family, as is my duty and my right as a citizen of The United States Of America, and of The World.

I hereby offer this proclaimation, knowing that these principals require no significant change in my current lifestyle, so that any who may be unsure may know what principals drive my opinions and attitudes, and so that they can understand the driving forces which govern my words and actions, both past and present, and will continue to do so in the future, and I believe that if all citizens of the United States and of The World would pledge to adhere to these same principals, whether to the exact words set forth here, or to the spirit thereof, the circumstances of all of Humanity would improve.


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