Thursday, January 12, 2006


Is it over yet?

The Alito (or as the esteemed Senator Kennedy says it, "Alioto") Confirmation Hearings, I mean?

No, they are not. The part that comes now is when Senator Kennedy and Senator Biden, and Boxer get to demonize Judge Alito till the cows come home and he doesn't get to answer them.

So far he has been able to answer them point for point, (not that that does any good when confronting Liberals,) and he just keeps looking smarter and smarter, while they make themselves look dumber and dumber.

But now they have the floor.

And now, we get to see what a horrible Monster Judge "Alioto" really is, and he will not be allowed to twist the facts the way he has done for the last couple of days.

He will be confirmed. The next time you see his picture, realize that you are looking at the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Just what has been accomplished over the last couple of days? Has any of the harsh rhetoric, wild accusations against Judge Alito, or attacks against his character stopped him from being confirmed?

No. Not even close.

Have they hurt him at all?

Yes, they have. One only has to look at the pictures of his wife as she burst into tears and left the hearing room to realize that he and his family are indeed human beings. They have feelings.

The only thing he has EVER done to deserve the treatment he has endured over the past two days was to agree to serve his country (us,) if he is confirmed, and making the mistake of being nominated by a duly elected Republican President. He is not a racist. He is not a sexist. He is not a right-wing zealot bent upon revoking the Constitutional freedoms of Americans. He is not a lunatic.

What he is, from the actual evidence that has so far been presented, is a fair and impartial Judge, who has devoted his life to the Law, and has shown no propensity whatsoever to institute any particular agenda, other than the one set forth in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers.

There are some of you who believe that the purpose of these hearings, in part, is to allow the particular political parties to "shore up" their bases.

Funny, I thought the purpose of these hearings was to determine if the candidate was QUALIFIED to sit on the Supreme Court. (Silly Me...)

Which Judge Alito is.

If I were President Bush, do you know what I would do?

The next opening that came up that required Senate Hearings, I would nominate Senator Kennedy.

Then I would call every Republican Senator, and tell them that the gloves are off. Whatever you or your staff can dig up on Kennedy, throw it at him, on National Television.

The Hearings, if they exposed every shady thing Kennedy has done, or could possibly be accused of, would take three years.

I would see if Senator Kennedy could stand up to the type of scrutiny that he has subjected Judge "Alioto" to.

I think it would be interesting to watch as Senator Kennedy attempted to defend himself against the type of onslaught that he has directed against Judge Alito and Justice Roberts.

I would see how HE would like this treatment.

It would be nothing but fair, and just.

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