Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's Going To Be A Great Year!!

...To be a Republican!

This year we will see a lot of amazing things happen. The troops will start to come home from Iraq this year, and not because the Democrats demanded it, but because they have finished the job, and can return as heroes.

This year will see the first functioning Democracy in the Middle East Region in the history of the World. Think about that for a minute. For the first time in history, the Iraqi people will be allowed to govern themselves, under a constitution that they wrote and voted for (or against...they at least had a choice...) and with leaders whom they elect, and who are accountable to the Iraqi voters.

They have Freedom. Real Freedom. For the first time ever.

And it will happen this year over the screaming objections of the entire American Democrat Party (except for Joe Leiberman). It will happen this year because the American Voters elected and re-elected a President who had the vision to make it happen. We elected a President who had the strength of will to perservere in the face of viscious personal attacks, constant discouragement, and catastrophic doom and gloom predictions from those in our Country who would rather lose a War than give him any credit for winning one.

This is an election year for numerous Senators and Congressmen (Congresspersons?), one of which is Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham, who is also the presumptive front-runner for the Democrat nomination in the 2008 presidential race.

This will be the absolute funniest thing you have ever seen (if you pay close attention.) She is going to have to figure out a way to run for her own Senate seat, staying far enough to the left to win New York City, while staying far enough to the right to carry the rest of the state, and then as soon as she wins, she will immediately turn into a Reagan Republican, in order to try to win the presidential election. She is going to make John F. Kerry look like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington all rolled up into one.

And the American people are not going to buy it. Not for a minute. She will win her Senate seat back, but she will lose a presidential election in a landslide. (I know that the presidential election is two years from now, but Hillary's about-face will happen this year, and I and my fellow right wing bloggers will be here to point it all out to you.) (This is going to be FUN!!)

This year will hold more and more evidence that the President and his supporters have been right all along about more and more things, from Tax Cuts to Socialist Security to the Supreme Court to the War, and his critics will be proven to have been wrong over and over again. And not just wrong. Malicious and obnoxious and mean and loud and wrong. But mostly wrong.

Hopefully this will be the year that the Democrats learn that hatred and opposition do not win elections. If it is, then maybe the Democrats who actually have ideas which may be good for America can begin to make themselves heard, and rejoin the debate with something constructive to add. I know that there are some, they are just currently lost in the cacophony of obstructionism and venom directed toward President Bush by the majority of their party. I eagerly await their return to the forefront of the political process, and I also yearn for the relegation of the Radical Moonbat Looney Left to the fringes where they belong.

Maybe this will be the year.

I know that there will be setbacks. This is a battle that will never go away. There will always be those among us who believe that a gradual creep towards Socialism and Globalism is the best thing for America, and that our National Sovreignty is not important, and that America is the focus of Evil in the Modern World.

But right now, We on the Right side of the aisle are winning.

This is going to be our year.

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