Monday, January 23, 2006

Fame and Notoriety...

Once again I am the subject of discussion over at KEvron's place.

Apparently, his commentors would really "like to know what the opinions of a "Conservative, Christian, Poor, White, Married, Middle Aged, Guitar playing Truck Driver" are on subjects. "I'm sure they'd be terribly enlightening," they say.

He and his commentors believe that "of course, cap'n knows. he's just not sharing."

They say things like "Wow. The cap'n sure is full of himself. He sees all, knows all, and what he doesn't know he'll just pull out of his a** and proclaim it a fact rather than the obvious sh** it is." (Edited for vulgar content.)

I know that I probably will be the next Blogger to be accused of "animal husbandry" because of this post (that's his idea of reasoned political debate...), but with each new attack by KEvron and his ilk, my points are proven more conclusively. The very fact that people like KEvron cannot seem to leave me alone just makes me believe more surely that I am right, and that they know that they are wrong, and that the only method that they have to refute my points is to belittle me, and to tell each other how insignificant my opinions are.

Well, I agree. I have never claimed to be a visionary. I am only a Truck Driver. If you don't agree with my opinions, then don't read them.

I use this blog to vent. I am under no delusions that I can change the World with my little blog, and I have said so on many occasions.

For some reason, I cannot seem to ban KEvron from my blog. He is one of those people who believe that "freedom of expression" means that he has the right to take a crap in my living room. He has his own blog, and he is free to say whatever he wants over there.

That's not good enough for him though.

He wants to say whatever he wants on MY blog. He believes that "freedom of expression" means that he has the right to co-opt MY blog in order to spout his nonsense.

Well, I apreciate the compliment. It means a lot to me that my opinions drive him and his like-minded buddies so crazy that they cannot ignore me, and those who agree with me.

After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, Right?


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