Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Dirty Little Secret About The Illegal Immigration Debate.

Our Government will never pass any meaningful Legislation of any kind to stop the flow of Illegal Immigrants coming into our Country.

That's just a fact.

The truth is that we need a whole lot more Illegals than we now have.

As a matter of fact, unless we change our ways, Economically, we need to set up booths on the Border and issue fake Social Security numbers and Drivers Licenses to Illegals so that they can more easily find work, and so that Taxes can be deducted from their pay, and so we can insure that they NEVER become Legal Citizens.

We need to create an economically depressed and oppressed underclass in America in order to fund this Country's flirtation with Socialism.

Think about this for a moment.

Why is there a Social Security problem looming on the very near horizon? Is it because we don't pay enough into the system? Is it because people are living longer and retiring at the same age? Is it because The President or the Members of Congress don't care?


The reason that there is a Social Security problem looming on the horizon is because there is a Social Security System in the first place.

Think about this one.

The Baby Boomers are beginning to retire. The Baby Boomers have aborted 45 Million Babies over the last thirty years. (It might be more apropriate to call them the "Baby Busters"...)

Do you think that the Baby Boomers are going to refuse to cash their Social Security Checks just because they aborted the workers who would have paid for them to have those checks?

Someone has to pay for the laziness and irresponsibility of Americans over the last forty or fifty years.

Someone has to pay for Americans letting Democrats have control of the National Purse Strings for several whole decades at a time.

So we are going to let Mexicans pay for it.

So get used to Illegal Immigrants. Learn to speak and read Spanish.

'Cause they ain't goin' nowhere.

I think that the image of the Mexican flag on the top of the flagpole, and the American flag upside down underneath it may have been appropriate.

We are in trouble, and Mexicans are going to be used to save us.

Help us, O.B. Juan. You're our only hope...

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