Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've Got It!!

How much are you paying for Gasoline where you live?

Today, I filled up the Work Car at the Kangaroo station about a mile from where I work.

10.803 gallons at $2.97 per gallon (87 Octane), for a total expenditure of $32.18.

I had been 378 miles on the last tankful, so my car got 35.91 miles per gallon.

That's pretty good for a $900.00 car, by anyone's standards.

I believe that I can make it do better, though. I was discussing this with my Wife the other night, and I told her that theoretically, if I added a Turbocharger to it, it should make it burn the fuel that it does burn a whole lot more efficiently, and should increase the fuel mileage by at least 5 to 7 MPG. Furthermore, a larger inlet pipe and throttle body would free up the airflow coming in to the engine, and should increase the fuel mileage by another 3 to 5 MPG. A Header and larger exhaust system, and eliminating the Catalytic Converter would probably be good for another 8 to 10 MPG.

Replacing the stock 13" Rims and Tires with a set of 18" wheels would reduce the engine RPM's at highway speeds, and should increase the fuel mileage by another 4 or 5 MPG.

(I still haven't yet figured out how to sell her on a Nitrous System as a Gas Saving investment. If I come up with anything, I'll let you know...)

But while I was thinking about all of this, it occured to me that the problem that I have with high Gasoline prices has nothing to do with the price of Gasoline.


I mean, think about it...If we did not have to pay for our own Gas, it wouldn't matter if the price was high or not.

And then it hit me. I know what would fix this whole problem.


It's so simple! I don't understand why no one has proposed this before!

A single payer, Taxpayer supported, Government administered, free to the end user Gasoline for every American Citizen (and Undocumented Immigrant) system.

The government could take over the Oil Industry, give free Gasoline to everybody, and pay for it with Tax Money.

Any profits could be rolled right back into the system, rather than going to pay salaries to overpaid Oil Executives, and Profiteering Stock Holders, who steal their dividends directly from the pockets of the Working Poor, and the Middle Class.

It is the only solution!

I mean, everybody has to have Gasoline, don't they?

Why shouldn't the Government provide it for us all? (Except the Rich, of course. Screw them. Let them pay for their own Gasoline.)

This could be done without making everyone convert their cars over to some non-existent pipe dream alternative fuel, without disturbing any Pristeen Wildernesses, and without building any new refineries.

And here is the best part...

If the Republican led Congress and Senate were to pass this, and President Bush signs it into Law, then Republicans would remain in power for the rest of my Grandchildren's lives!

Win, Win, Win!!

I mean, Gasoline IS an Inalienable Human Right, isn't it?

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