Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where Are You Going With This, Tug?

While doing research for a recent post dealing with polls, I took an unscientific poll here at my house in order to determine the attitudes, beliefs, and living situations of Americans.

My sample size was three.

I made some very interesting discoveries.

I learned through my poll that 66% of Americans are Conservative Republicans, Christians (Baptists, to be exact,) Free Market Capitolists, and American Idol Fans.

Tonight Bucky Covington went home. (On American Idol, that is...)

(Why can't we get rid of Ace?)

I liked Bucky. He is related (by marriage) to the daughter of the Bass Player from my old band in North Carolina, and lives in Rockingham. (Where the Race Track is.)

I've never been to a NASCAR Race there, but I have been down the Drag Strip there a few times. It's a pretty good Quarter Mile Strip, much better than the one that I went to in Bradenton Fl, this past Saturday.

My wife thinks that she wants me to start building another Race Car, but I am not sure that she realizes what a can of worms she is opening there...

I would love to build a Pro Street Car, but I would not be able to afford the gas to drive it, with Gas prices as high as they are.

You do realize why Gas prices have jumped recently, don't you?

It is because the Environmental Regulations which were suspended after Hurricane Katrina have been reinstated. This, coupled with increased demand, and our Government's unwillingness to pursue Domestic Oil Sources such as ANWAR and those in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida, have lead to the increases.

If only some Senator or Congressman had thought to attatch ANWAR Drilling to President Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, then maybe we would be well on our way to a solution to this problem.

I mean, I need Gasoline just as much as Seniors need free drugs, don't I?

But then again, maybe I could benefit from free prescription drugs myself.

Which leads me to the point of my post...

Attention Deficit Disorder is a difficult master to serve.

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