Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Too Young To Fall In Love...


Teacher charged with raping student 28 times
Police: Rachel Holt engaged in intercourse with 13-year-old

"NEW YORK (CNN) -- A Delaware schoolteacher was charged Tuesday with 28 counts of raping a minor after she allegedly engaged in a weeklong sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student, police said.

"Police say Holt and the 13-year-old had sex 28 times between March 24 and March 31. Under Delaware law, the boy is too young to consent to sex.

28 times in a week?

Well, he IS 13...

I think she was just helping him with his math homework.

She was teaching him how many times 13 goes into 34.


(Okay, that was in poor taste.)

Hey, do you want some more child molester news?

Check this out...

Porn Sting Nabs Federal Official

LAKELAND - When he wasn't sending pornographic movies to and asking for explicit photos from a teenage girl in Polk County, a Maryland man was bragging about his job as a spokesman at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement officers said.

The revelation - actually made to a detective posing as a 14-year-old girl - resulted in the arrest of 55-year-old Brian J. Doyle at his Silver Spring, Md., home Tuesday night, officials said.

During his Internet chats, Doyle quickly revealed his name and job, and he sent his office and government-issued cell phone numbers. The information allowed detectives to quickly verify Doyle's identity, the Polk County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday night.

This guy didn't actually do anything wrong.

He just thought he did.

That doesn't matter, though. Well, maybe it will to the ACLU, but not to me. This guy is a sicko, and he needs to be put away.

But the spin that the left leaning Radio Talk Show Hosts that I have heard today are trying to put on this situation is not going to fly.

I have heard two different Radio Personalities today say that this is one more black eye for the Bush Administration.


This guy was arrested the moment that the Sheriff's Office knew that they had a case. He was caught red-handed, so to speak, and he confessed.

There was no attempt at a cover-up or spin by the Bush Administration, and he will be punished. There is no political partisan organization rushing to his rescue. (Unless the ACLU shows up, which is a possibility...)

Now when they catch President Bush having sexual escapades inside the Oval Office with a nineteen year old intern, then maybe we will have a real scandal. (Especially if he chooses to lie to a Grand Jury because of it.)

For now, however, this is only the story of a pervert who was pretty good at hiding his perversion.

For the record, I have absolutely no use whatsoever for Child Molesters, no matter how they pursue their victims.

They are not interested in sex. These are people who get sexual satisfaction from destroying innocence, purity, and beauty. In my opinion, they are lower than people who engage in Bestiality. An animal will not fully understand what has happened to it, and will soon forget about the incident. A child remembers forever, and will forever try to understand something that is not understandable. A child remains a victim for the rest of their life, and will be forced to try to interweave the effects of the abuse that they have suffered into the fabric of their life, and to try to deal with the emotional and psycological problems created by the abuse, and with the effect of these problems on each and every relationship in which they participate.


I hope that these two perverts are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

No mercy.

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