Monday, April 10, 2006

Tugboatcapn's Strategy for Democrat Victory...

Okay, Dems, forget about Tom DeLay. He's a dead end. When all of the facts finally come out, he will be exonerated. His stepping down has only made him more dangerous to you politically, and you know this.

Forget about Karl Rove as well. You are not smarter than he is, and that is why you are scared of him, and why you hate him so much. That is also why you will never pin anything illegal on him. He is, and will remain three steps ahead of you.

Forget about impeaching President Bush too. That ain't going to happen. Even as we speak, more and more evidence is surfacing that proves that he was right about Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and Al-Qaeda all along.

He has been right about all of it, whether you will admit it or not. Go ahead and live in denial if you choose.

Facts are facts. Get over it.

Go ahead and quote all of the approval number polls you want. We all know that your side manipulates those as well. You might as well read a phone book to us. (Those of us who pay attention and think, anyway...)

Like it or not, we are in Iraq. For the long haul.

Setting time limits for withdrawal will only cause the people of Iraq to construct a rushed, faulty Government which will be doomed to failure, and will only serve to undermine the image of America, Worldwide, (Which, I believe, is the goal of a lot of you,) and to nullify the contributions of all those who have fallen in the pursuit of the noble effort in which we find ourselves engaged.

So, unless that is your goal, disregard the recent statements of your fallen champion of the 2004 Presidential Race. He is spouting anti-American nonsense. Short sighted rhetoric, nothing more.

If you want to regain your power through the next two election cycles, I will tell you how to do it. I can tell you how without fear, because I know that you will never do it.


First, you must let go of your hatred and fear of the Republicans who are currently in power. Hatred and fear do not win elections.

Secondly, you have to abandon the whole "Culture of Corruption" tactic, because, as much as you would like to convince the American public otherwise, Republicans have by no means cornered the market on corruption.

(Do you trust the Wall Street Journal?)

Thirdly, you must admit that America indeed has enemies, and that those enemies have to be dealt with forcefully. These enemies cannot be reasoned with, and must be defeated, whatever the cost.

Fourthly, (is that a word?) you must denounce killers, former Klansmen, and lunatics, and remove them from your midst. (Follow the links.)

(Unless you do this, thinking Americans will never take you seriously. You have become, and will continue to be characatures of yourselves.)

Fifth, you MUST abandon your stance on Illegal Immigration, and come up with a Real World, workable plan to stem the tide of Illegals across our Southern Border, and propose a workable plan to deal with the Illegals who are already here, without making them Citizens.

The first Political Party to do this will be in power for the forseeable future.

So far, neither Party seems interested in dealing with this problem in any real way, so this issue is there for the taking. The American People are desperately seeking real leadership here.

Lead, already. (If you are able.)

Sixth, support strong, honest, idealistic leaders. (If you have any.) Be honest about who and what you are, and what you really support, and want. Stop lying to the American People about what you will do if you are returned to power, and let us choose you for ourselves, if indeed we want you.

Seventh, accept defeat gracefully, if you lose. Stop with the Lawyers, already. Forget about achieving you goals through the courts.

You lost in '00, and again in '04, and you would have appeared a lot more mature and worthy of power if you had simply accepted that fact, rather than dragging America through lengthy Court Battles, and years of denial about how it went.

It cheapened the Electoral Process, and left a bad taste in the mouths of American voters, of all Political stripes.

If you could do these few simple things, you would make a lot more progress toward regaining power than you will by demonizing Rush Limbaugh, President Bush, Tom DeLay, and Karl Rove.

If you can't, then get used to the Minority spot within our Government.

It's the best you will be able to do with your current tactics.

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