Monday, May 08, 2006

A Brief Lesson In Economics. (Try To Keep Up.)

ER, a frequent commentor on my Blog, and someone who should know better, posted this comment on my last thread.

"But since you mention the oil companies ... forget that cockamamie $100 rebate idea. Suspend the federal taxes on gasoline for 30 days, and reconsider the suspension every 30 days through summer. Make it up with increased assessments on the oil companies."

Okay, that sounds good if you believe that Businesses are only in business to rape their customers, and that the Monies collected through Taxes come out of thin air.

The problem with this plan is that in reality, Businesses get their revenues from their Customers, and Government gets Tax Money from EVERYONE.

When you tax a Business, you increase their overall cost of doing business. (Even Big Oil.)

When you increase the overall cost of doing business, you increase the final retail cost of the product produced by that Business. (Even Big Oil.)

The Consumer ultimately bears the burden of that increase.

You CANNOT MAKE a Corporation pay Taxes. AT ALL.



I don't care how great you think it would be to be able to punish Big Business (Even Big Oil...) for making a profit on their product by imposing punative Taxes, but in the end, the only people you can punish with Taxes, no matter who you impose them on, is WORKING, CONSUMING, TAXPAYING AMERICANS.

Either learn how the world actually works, or STOP VOTING.

You only screw things up worse than they already are when you vote your own Ignorance into Public Policy.

I have about had it with people who have decided to be wrong about everything no matter what the evidence is.

I have lost my patience with intentional Ignorance, and refusal to face facts.

It would be great if we could repeal the laws of Economics, simply because it would make things easier, or more fair.

But we can't.

The World is a hard, cold place. Sometimes we have to pay more for the things we need because of World Events. Sometimes we have to change our lifestyle in ways that we do not like because of circumstances beyond our control.

It sucks, I know.


Make the best you can of it.

Figure out a way that you can get around it.

Stop whining for Government to bail you out of it.

Government CAN'T.

Government intervention only complicates and sours everything it touches.

If you do not understand this simple fact, then maybe you are not yet ready for the responsibilities of the Real World.

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