Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Dreams May Come...

My Wife dreamed that she was mad at me last night.

About Two am, she rolled over and began to try to push me off the bed with both her hands and both feet. I rolled away from her until she could not touch me, and she stopped physically attacking me, but then she began to tell me about it.

She fussed at me in Gibberish. For about fifteen minutes she let me have it, and there was not a single recognizable English word in the whole tyrade. It was all sylables and sounds that did not make any sense.

I didn't know whether to wake her up, defend myself, or just let it run it's course.

I decided to just stay out of her way, and let her go.

It was the wierdest, funniest thing that I have ever seen her do.

When she got up this morning, she didn't remember any of it, but she did apologize for being mean to me before we went to bed. (Which I didn't remember happening, but I'll take it.)

This isn't the first time that she has dreamed that she was mad at me. Every now and then, she wakes up mad at me about things that she dreamed I did. (Which wouldn't be that bad, except that sometimes she stays mad for half a day.)

The funny thing is that we don't really ever fight when we are awake. We talk out any difference of opinion before it even becomes a disagreement. On the rare occasions that we actually DO disagree, I explain my position in a calm and reasonable manner, and she sees that I am right.

We have never had an honest to goodness knock down-drag out, even though we are both passionate people with strong personalities. We just don't fight.

Unless one of us is asleep.

I guess it's kinda cool to know that I am still the man of her dreams, even if she dreams that she is mad at me.

She is the woman of my dreams, even when I am not asleep.

Maybe I need to pay more attention to letting her know that...

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