Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hail To The Chief

I saw the President today. I started to flag him down and talk to him, but I realized that if I did, all I would probably get to say would be "Sir, can you please ask this Secret Service Agent to take that Gun out of my ear?"

I didn't exactly see HIM, I saw his Motorcade, headed North on I-75, just north of Exit 246. Five solid black Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans, with Flags on the front fenders, surrounded by a swarm of Motorcycles, and all vehicles with flashing red and blue lights.

It was an impressive sight. But one thing that impressed me about it was the fact that this Motorcade was just running down the Interstate right along with the rest of the traffic.

Right out there with the rest of us.

Running along at the same speed as the other traffic. There was no backup, no roadblocks, no problems.

Just a bunch of vehicles, riding along with the flow, with the most powerful man in the Free World somewhere inside.

It made me think about the time when President Clinton shut down LAX for four hours so that he could get a haircut.

It made me think of an incident that my Wife remembers a few years back, when the Clintons shut down the Interstate System all over Tampa from 3:00pm until 7:00pm so that they could get to a $2500.00 a plate Fundraising Dinner in Clearwater.

It made me think about all of the assertions made by the Left in this Country about how President Bush is "King George", and how arrogant and snobby they say he is.

He isn't. I saw that today, with my own eyes.

Do you know what else it made me think about?

It made me think about every Lefty that I have ever argued with, and how upon learning that I am not Formally Educated, they immediately begin to assert that there are concepts that I obviously cannot begin to understand.

It made me think about the fact that, while the Left in this Country claims to be the Champions of the "Little Man", that is exactly the way that they see him.

"Little." Smaller, less significant than they.

They see the "Little Man" as disadvantaged, unable to stand up for himself.


They refer to him in their speeches, News Reports, and Blog Posts as "The American Worker", "The Working Class", and "Hourly Employees."

That's ME they are referring to.

Well, Mr. Liberal Elite, I am not a Bee, and I am not an Ant. Do not refer to me as a "Worker."

I am a Free Thinking, Gainfully Employed, Fiscally Responsible American Citizen.

American VOTER.

Do not look down your nose at me.

President Bush is not an Elitist. He does not see himself as a Monarch, or a Dictator.

If you want to find an Elitist, look to your Left.

You won't have to look very far to your Left to find one.

Just look for the people who think that the way to preserve your Religious Freedom is by preventing you from mentioning God at all. Ever.

Look for the people who believe that the way to help you cope with high Gasoline Prices is to tax Oil Companies.

Look for the people who think that the way to help you cope with high Health Care Costs is to Socialize the System, so that on top of the real cost of Healthcare, Government gets to add their take.

These people think that you are stupid.

Do you?

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