Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pickin' Party...

Over at D.Daddio's place, He, ELAshley, and Dan Trabue have been beating each other's brains out for the last couple of days over which side has historically had the stinkiest Presidents.

ER has launched yet another attack against God's Church, and the Made-Up Media Boogey Man known as the "Religious Right, in his continuing quest to determine whether or not God still uses Lightning Bolts to smite people.

Mark is attempting to reclaim the English Language for Republicans.

My most recent post deals with the fact that Government regulations have prevented me from buying a vehicle that I do not want, and would not buy, at any price.

Seems a little pointless when I look at it all in the context of the real big picture.

I like all of these guys, and I am tired of arguing all the time.

Let's talk about something pleasant for a change...

I have been pleased to learn recently that D.Daddio is a Picker, and so is Dan Trabue.

I know that ER plays Guitar, and so do I. (I also play Banjo, a little, sometimes...)

Daffy plays Flute, and so does Xena.

So, what do you play, and why?

How did you get started?

Are you passionate about it, or do you just noodle around with it?

Are you any good?

What brand of Instrument do you have?

What brand do you want? What style of Music do you play?

What style do you listen to mostly?

If you could learn a new Instrument, what would it be?

Why haven't you tried it already? Or have you?

Music, Time, and Politics are all Human inventions.

We've all talked about Politics ad-nauseum. Let's branch out...

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