Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Easy Solution To An Unsolvable Problem.

Are you sick of hearing about Illegal Immigration yet?

I am. Have been for a while now.

I agree that this is a problem that has to be solved. I know that there is no easy solution.

No, I take that back. There IS an easy solution. A REAL easy one.


It's already against the Law to sneak across our Borders. It's already against the Law to hire an Illegal Alien for any job at any wage. It's already against the Law to overstay a Visa.

So why not enforce the Law? What's so hard about that?

This problem does not require new, sweeping Legislation from our already Power-Mad, Public Opinion Obsessed Congress and Senate. It does not require an Executive Order from the President. It does not require a huge new Bureaucracy, or widespread raids to round up and deport each and every Illegal that is already here.

All that this problem requires is for every Citizen to obey the Laws that are already on the books, and stop hiring Illegal Aliens to work for them. All it requires is for all Local Law Enforcement Agencies to turn over any Illegals that they apprehend for other crimes to the Border Patrol or INS, and then for these Agencies to deport them, like they are supposed to do.

Citizens obey the Law, and Border Patrol and INS Agents do your job.

Problem Solved.

For some reason, these simple steps toward a solution to this problem seem to be way too horrible and way too difficult for us to consider as a viable option.

Want another Solution? One that doesn't actually require enforcing and obeying our own Laws?

Here it is.

In order to make any serious attempt to solve any problem, we must first take an honest look at what is causing the problem in the first place. (Without first taking this step, any solution will be a Band-Aid at best, and will make the problem into a full-fledged disaster, at worst.)

And let's be honest about one other thing, while we are at it. When we talk about Illegal Immigration, we are really talking about Illegal Immigration FROM MEXICO. This does not make us Racists, it just makes us REALISTS. Nobody was waving Canadian Flags during the Protest Rallies on Monday.

The Illegal Immigration Problem in America is not caused by a lack of Border Security. It is not caused by lax enforcement of our Laws. It is not caused by a ponderous and tedious application process for American Citizenship.

It is caused by the utter lack of economic opportunity and rampant Governmental Corruption in MEXICO.

So, with that in mind, let me offer my solution to the Illegal Immigration problem.

1. Offer an Amnesty program. (Not Citizenship, Amnesty.) Full Fledged Amnesty for every Illegal Alien who will come out of the woodwork and be identified. Give them Driver's licenses, Legal ability to work in the United States, full Constitutional protection under the Law, as well as all rights afforded Citizens of the United States of America. (Except for the right to vote in ANY American Election, or the right to hold ANY public office. Those particular rights should be, MUST be reserved for Legal, Law Abiding and productive Citizens of the United States.)

2. Offer each and every able bodied Illegal Mexican in America the opportunity to participate in a Military Training Program. Make it a top notch Military Training Program, with a decent rate of pay, full Military Benefits just like the American Army, and offer Family Benefits as well.

3. Equip this Military Force made entirely of Mexican Volunteers with the finest Weapons that our Military has to offer, as well as Technical Support and Supplies.

4. Educate them in Civics, Ethics, Economics, Nation Building Techniques, Constitutional Law, Construction of Infrastructure, and Law Enforcement Tactics. Build their Leadership Skills, and make sure that they understand the value of Honesty, Morality, Integrity, and Freedom.

5. When they are ready, send them back across the Border into Mexico for the purpose of overthrowing the Current Mexican Government, and setting up an honest, trustworthy Mexico that will be willing and able to take it's place in the modern Global Community. Tell Vicente Fox all along that we are conducting this program, even if he threatens to shut off the flow of Mexican Oil. Tell him that we will call the whole thing off if he will clean up his act, and deal with the corruption himself.

Forget for a moment about the Mexicans who have come here illegally, and about the seemingly insurmountable nature of the problem that they create here.

The Mexicans in Mexico deserve better than they have now. Most people around the World would rather be at home than anywhere else.

If there was possibility of prosperity and success in Mexico, the Mexicans in Mexico would stay there, and the ones who are here illegally would go back home. (Except for the ones who would really rather be here and assimilate, and those we could handle through the proper channels.)

The Solution to the Illegal Immigration Problem in America is the same as the Solution to every other problem that the World faces.

Freedom and Personal Responsibility.

For Everyone.


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